Cultiv-8 is a nonprofit organisation whose core values are to help mankind. We as an organisation do not hide the reality but spell it out. Mankind is heading on the path of starvation, and it happens in our lifetime currently. The future is bleak, unless tremendous effort is made. Help us help you, and the world become sustainable. Grow food like our ancestors without the poisons!

Depending on which part of the world you live in today, most have supermarkets full of food and we do not think twice because we have everything we need to eat. We ask you to the next time you are in the supermarket to read the labels twice and actually think again on what you are buying. Most of us do not know what goes into our food or how it is grown. Roberta Flack’s song comes to mind “Killing Me Softly” The saying you are what you eat is true, When agriculture industry has to wear protection to feed the crops why would you eat it!

All funds donated to Cultiv-8 are used for the betterment of mankind and we do not use any of the funds for any administration of sort. We spend 100% of your donations on projects helping the world.

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