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In 2009 The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) gathered to discuss the “How to Feed the World in 2050”, where the world’s population is expected to be more than 9.1 billion people 34 percent higher than today. Some concerning fundamental points where discussed:

  • Will we be able to produce enough food at affordable prices or will rising food prices drive more of the world's population into poverty and hunger?

  • How much spare capacity in terms of land and water do we have to feed the world in 2050?

  • What are the new technologies that can help us use scarce resources more efficiently, increase and stabilize crop and livestock yields?

  • Are we investing enough in research and development for breakthroughs to be available in time?

  • Will new technologies be available to the people who will need those most - the poor?

  • How much do we need to invest in order to help agriculture adapt to climate change, and how much can agriculture contribute to mitigating extreme weather events?

The FAO findings shows that that due to past, and current unsustainable agricultural practices; the excessive and aggressive use of synthetic/chemical fertilizers available arable land has been damaged. Secondly the growing demand for biofuels, and forever increasing world population, the only way to address the world crisis is through sustainable and regenerative agriculture as well as the development of new arable land till 2050 and beyond.

With the recognition of the global crisis, and background of the founding members instigated the formation of Cultiv-8, a non-profit organisation in accordance with German law. The greater good for mankind requires a huge global efforts from governments, organizations around the world collectively, and we cannot sit on the sideline. Cultiv-8 aims to bridge the gaps where possible and join the required global effort to attain food security, sustainability by building a global community, and support system with 3 core values in mind. These core value make a coherent whole, without what the FAO and other organizations are trying to achieve will be an uphill struggle.


  1. Develop and publish information pertaining to the current and potential future problems of global supply of food and drinking water.

  2. Develop solutions for global supply of food and drinking water findings.

  3. Research technologies and procedures which will lead into a positive development of global supply of food and drinking water by part taking in independent case studies.

  4. Stimulate the feeling of social responsibility amongst citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as citizens of other countries, and their willingness to help other people, especially those in developing and emerging countries.

  5. Facilitating access for the masses to technologies and processes that have proven to be beneficial in Develop solutions for global supply of food and drinking water achieved through cooperation with other non-profit, charitable, ecclesiastical and economic organizations worldwide.

  6. Promoting help by self-help primarily in developing and emerging countries to improve living conditions for the regional population and vulnerable groups.

  7. Promotion and implementation of global projects, which provide access to adequate, affordable, high quality and healthy food and drinking water.

  8. Promotion of global projects aimed at environmental protection.

  9. Promotion and implementation of global projects for regeneration of agricultural land which is no longer usable due to environmental pollutions, natural disasters or wars.

  10. Promotion and implementation of projects to develop new agricultural land, primarily in regions that have a high degree of food shortage.

  11. Promotion and Implementation of global projects for sustainable agriculture and forestry.

  12. Promotion and implementation of global projects which will help to prevent food shortages due to environmental pests. Through environmental friendly technologies and processes the destruction of local food sources will be prevented.

  13. Cooperating on the ground with worldwide public and non-profit organizations to ensure the compliance with food quality standards in food production to protect consumers

  14. The reduction of intercultural intolerance and tensions caused by social imbalance resulting from regional resource scarcity in the food security segment.

  15. Realizing the above objectives on large scale by working with all social groups, especially the youth.

Our Core Values


Education / knowledge should not be limited to people working in the various fields that fall under the fields of sustainability but rather should start from a young age. When values are instilled from a young age attitudes are developed for the better and benefits where people live. Future situation and problems with food security / sustainability can ease because of people’s awareness. Cultiv-8 will be the supporting platform for knowledge for everyone, commercial / non-commercial people on how the world can feed itself by sustainable and regenerating agriculture.

To ensure Cultiv-8 is the oracle of knowledge our foundation is built on information and research. We collect information about current global situations/problems. Global new and leading edge developments in agriculture, and the food supply chain. Collate the information publish, and share the knowledge. Our research is built upon initiating and partaking in case out case studies around the world comparing different products, technologies and processes in order to find the best solution for a specific regional or global problem. We collate the information publish, and share the knowledge. We belive strongly that sharing is caring.


Cultivation a paractice since the start of mankind that now has become a global crisis. The world cultivates yet can not feed the population. What went wrong? We at cultivate strongly belive man is to balme for all the mishaps today. Yes mother nature plays a part, but when we forget how our ancestors cultivated, and think we can fool mother nature by gentically modifying food, poluting and killing the very soil we rely on for our existence with exsesive use of chemicals/syntehtic fertilizers to generate vast amounts of revenue fulfilling the greed of a small percentage at the peril of others. The “cash crops” one of the root causes of barren lands.

Is this the end for the human race? No sustainable and regenerative practices work and can make the difference the world needs, but here again they are only successful if there is a support system.

Cultiv-8 is the support system. Cultiv-8’s mission is to increase of processes/methods, products and technology that will aid in solving current issues and assist in a preventative measure for future problems people are facing in agriculture and food supply. Where there is support there is success, allowing us to help to make a better world for our future generations. Assisting in creating a world where there is no shortage of food for everyone beyond 2050.


Regeneration starts at home. With the right support system the regenration of our planet is more than attainable. It is not the responsiblity of governments, agricultirists, farmers. It is the responsiblity of everyone. With the support of Cultiv-8 governements, farmers, foresters, urban agricultrists, everyone can rengerate our planet. Regenration allows us to to prevent current and future generations from having no access to enough food and water.

Sustainable regenerative practices also protects the environment and prevents further destruction to the land mass by aggressive non sustainable chemical/synthetic agricultural methods.

With Culti-v8’s stringent processes everyone can be assured a seal of quality on the various technologies recommended, preventing any fraud. Regeneration is very close to our heart.

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