India – Turning A New Leaf

The Cultiv-8 association believe India is a major player in the fight for food security and sustainability to attempt to feed over 9 billion people by 2050. India is the world’s biggest net exporter of food that is riddled with problems.


You just need to Google and research suggests India struggles with many issues:

  • Poor irrigation systems
  • Scarcity of water
  • Dated farming implements and practices
  • Soils are depleted of nutrients
  • Infertile land
  • Lack of agricultural infrastructure
  • Inadequate food storage and processing
  • Illiteracy and inequality
  • Lack of finances

The association believes this is a common theme in emerging markets and agriculture 101 is needed to turn a new leaf. With a support system like ours the above mentioned common problems can be addressed. The “Turning A New Leaf” project will do just that.


The Cultiv-8 association will embark on a numerous project that will evaluate, recommend, and run projects addressing the most pressing issues to attaint

  1. We will determine the root cause of why the farmer, region has issues growing in their region and make recommendations

  2. Initiate multiple project lifecycle addressing (water and irrigation, Soil and infertility, agricultural infrastructure) issues, based on the output of point 1

  3. Record our findings during the lifecycle of the projects, modifying protocols, processes, and technology applications to ensure sustainability is achieved as well as replenishing the arable lands and increasing yields.

  4. The association will work with farmers and introduce community farming. When farmers compete against each other to grow the fruits of the land they tend to take shortcuts and risks that are detrimental to the land they sow. When community based farming is in play/introduced collectively farmers decide on which crop they will grow for that season and focus on that crop, sharing the profits at the end of the season. When farmers are facing lack of financing growing collectively can help reduce the burdens they face.

  5. The output of 3 will produce a natural nontoxic solution that can be used globally for the various climates the projects are being conducted.

  6. The projects will serve as showcases for others in the region


The projects will not only be showcases for the region, it will demonstrate with the right protocol and technologies the most damaged land can be revived. India needs to take the drastic measures to revive and support its agricultural industry because not only will the people in India suffer due to food shortages, the rest of the world will feel the impact 10 fold.

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