Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture

A new phenomena that has taken the world by storm. But is urban agriculture new? Not really for centuries people have grown food at their own doorsteps, whether small communities, towns, or even in the city. Not much emphasis was paid to the practice.


With the advent of GMO, excessive use of synthetic and chemical fertilizers, the research and media coverage on them has led to the avid agriculturist to wake up to reality and once again grow their own food, Whether at an allotment, their back yard or a rooftop communities are getting together and growing food collectively much more so than our ancestors did.


The Cultiv-8 association will embark on a numerous urban agriculture projects throughout the world focusing on areas that already have a food security and sustainability issue, allowing the local people to fend for themselves as a community.

  1. We will carry out analysis in the region and determine the best possible natural nontoxic technology to use.

  2. Initiate multiple project lifecycle ensuring the urban agriculture space does not have issues related to water and irrigation, soil fertility based on the output of point 1

  3. Record our findings during the lifecycle of the projects, modifying protocols, processes, and technology applications to ensure sustainability is achieved in an urban agriculture environment.

  4. Create a 1 stop urban agriculture package available to all with step by step instructions on how best to maximize the area/land to grow your crops

  5. The projects will serve as showcases for others in the region


The Cultiv-8 association strongly believes that if we all take part in the future sustainability of our world and not leave it to governments and organizations, every little effort goes a long way.

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