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India is the biggest net importer of food globally and within 10 years will become a net importer of food that will impact the world. In 2010 the times of India reported a hike in the increase of chemical fertilizer by 750% over the last 40 years in the Punjab region. 40 years of destroying agricultural land is not only going to play a major role in the decline of agricultural GDP, but also a devastating effect on food security within any country.

We have no doubt that produce from India has crossed everyone’s plate worldwide, and there are many conspiracy theories to why so many farmers in India are committing suicide, the theories we are not interested in but the loss of life upsets us.
The reality is very simple unsustainable farming practices, excessive use of synthetic chemical fertilizers have made lands barren in India that does not bear fruit. With the harshness of Mother Nature causing droughts the agricultural methods must change or the world will suffer.

Cultiv-8 intends to run projects in India. We will introduce new practices and, introducing new nontoxic sustainable agricultural technologies that will not only allow the benefit to be reaped by India but the rest of the world. We will also address water issues caused by drought with the implementation of new technology.

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Middle East & North Africa

Many countries in the world are net importer of food for various reasons from economics, climate, barren lands, this has an impact on the world in many ways. The GCC countries may be rich in oil, but they lack the ability to sustain food production for their own people and import up to 98% of their food. A vast amount from India. Not only do they import their food but their major crop they export is riddled with the red palm weevil. Cultiv-8 see this as a double negative but there is no reason why it should be.

With the help of our members Cultiv-8 is going to embark on a project to eradicate the date plan weevil from the region for good with the most advance nontoxic natural sustainable technology in the world today. Secondly work with various countries in the UAE, and GCC on becoming more sustainable and grow food with some amazing technologies. It may come as a surprise to many, but the GCC once had vast amounts of arable land that have been destroyed by excessive use of chemical and synthetic fertilizer.

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Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture has taken the world by storm, globally; communities, individuals, towns and cities have realized that they must join the food revolution. Even though so many people are growing their own food the practices and technology they are using are not sustainable. The vast amount of effort that is taken to create as an example a “cabbage patch” is washed away. Cultiv-8 with the help of its members will embark on various projects globally and teach new sustainable methods of urban agriculture using the most advance natural, non-toxic, organic technologies.

Not only will the projects provide agricultures a support system, these methods will be taught to schools and instilled from a young age, on how best to grow food and live healthy.

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Rejuvenate Africa

Africa is the last remaining continent on the world that is classed as an emerging market. The distribution of wealth has not been kind to a continent full of humble people. Corruption, civil war only adds to creating the poverty that many live in. You will be surprised to learn that Africa has some of the most natural untouched fertile lands in the world today, but due to the lack of support from their governments these lands do not bear fruit. The Cultiv-8 association will embark on numerous projects on the African content working with farmers, communities and the governments by setting up a full support system, that will not only harvest ample food for their own people, but plentiful to export worldwide. With the assistance of our member’s landmark “Farm to Fork” project initiatives will be taking place soon.

New projects on the horizon, we will notify all of your members and nonmembers on our mailing list when we launch these projects.

Feed the World

The Cultiv-8 association’s mission is just that. Feed The World. A global crisis that becomes challenging everyday requires a modern approach to sustainability. Practices in use for the last few decades have been short lived adding to the crisis. The advent of GMO, excessive use of synthetic and chemical fertilizers was the “icing on the cake”. We do not condone the use of chemical and synthetic fertilizers but cannot stress enough that a global more stringent control is needed. Global laws on usage and limits are too loosely defined. What is the proof of it? Unattainability, failed crops, which has been the common theme through the world over the last 2 decades. We do not have to tell you what genetically modified organisms (GMO) has done to sustainability, simple internet research will show you not only is it the cancer in agriculture, but the cause of many cancers in human’s. We say NO to GMO.

The new modern approach must comprise of hybrid organics, and a vast reduction of synthetic and chemical fertilizers, and replacing with natural nontoxic inputs that will help replenish the arable lands in the world. Over time the farms can produce organically. Organic farming is perceived as a not so ideal approach to sustainability. We totally disagree, when farms start to produce organically they feed the soil with the right nutrients to repair and sustain crops. The saying “you are what you eat”, is the same as “reap what you sow”

Hydroponics is another way the world can become more sustainable. There is one issue with today’s hydroponics, the types of fertilizer used within a hydroponic garden/farm. Why continue to use synthetic inputs that do not grow crops with the nutrients they use to possess not even 2 decades ago, when there is natural technology that will not only increase yields, upgrade the crop but keep people healthy that may consume them.

Help us to change the world attitude, attain sustainability and help mankind become healthier than we are today.

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